What the damn hell is Moonfruit?
Moonfruit is a random, non-linear, extremely NSFW web comic.

Who is responsible for this travesty?

Moonfruit is co-written by Mike Pfeil and Robyn Slack, and illustrated by Robyn Slack.

When can I have more?

Moonfruit updates with new comics every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If it’s so random and non-linear, why do the same characters keep popping up?
Moonfruit has an ever-expanding cast of recurring characters, which you can browse on the Characters page.  However, aside from short, self-contained stories, Moonfruit has no over-arching plot.

One of your comics vexes and confounds me!
If a comic doesn’t make sense, it could be because it references pre-existing characters and/or previous comics that you’re not familiar with.  Check out the Characters page; if the comic that confused you features one of these characters, you might want to check out said character’s individual archive to get caught up.

One of your comics offends me to my very core!
That’s kind of what we do around here.  We’ve tried to be very up-front about it, but if we caught you off-guard, we sincerely apologize.  Now go eat a dick.

How did this vile creation come to be?

Mike and Robyn have collaborated on several projects, but this is their first professional venture.  If you’re interested in seeing Moonfruit’s ugly roots, you can make use of the Classic-MFC page.  Be warned: a lot of what’s on this page is absolute crap.

Do you do commissions?

Do you pay cash up front?

How can I contact you to complain/threaten/offer sexual favours?

You can comment on an individual comic or e-mail us at moonfruitcomics@gmail.com