This is a true story. Regular readers are already aware of my thoughts on Pearl Jam. Sometimes I feel like listening to Eddie Vedder sing is like playing that board game, Mad Gab, where you had to try to find the words hidden within the seemingly nonsensical string of noises. Luckily, the DJ did a little recap and mentioned the name of the song, so I was able to figure it out in the end. Try and figure out which song it was based on my phonetic representation, and I’ll put the answer down at the bottom of this post.

In other news, Mike and I have something cooking for next week, and… hoo boy. I’m excited. Stay tuned!

Anyway, yeah, it was “Go.” Somehow, I totally missed that song until just now. It’s pretty rad. And it’s even better when you sing along to the chorus with “Gleeb Dongle Wobny” in place of “Please Don’t Go On Me.” Seriously, try it!